About The Noble Appraiser

Lori Noble is a state-certified appraiser in West Virginia and neutral valuation analyst navigating the course of historical industry change. As a student of marketing and graphic design, she applied her interests in economics with marketing, and in 1992 partnered to create The W.Va. Group; an economic development and public relations firm.

She launched her appraisal practice in 1996 as Noble Appraisal Company and swiftly infused advancing technology with market study applications where the company provided independent, real estate valuation and consulting resources for consumers and lenders throughout the rural New River region.

Ms. Noble serves as Vice President of the WV Council of Appraisal Professionals representing the state’s appraisal sector. WVCAP members benefit from the most current news and regulatory resources available. She actively participates in studies and valuation issues that affect the appraisal industry in her state, as well as national platforms addressing ever-changing appraisal advancements and concerns. She is a well-regarded observer and commentator of regulatory compliance, finance, and consumer news throughout the housing industry.

In 2015, Ms. Noble joined Real Property Consulting Group, a regional real estate consulting firm practicing complex, independent, appraisal analysis for damages, litigation, and unique property analytics.

Mother and an avid outdoor enthusiast, she enjoys fun with friends and family exploring nature and all its wonders. The arts, travel, everything water related, and live-entertainment are some of her favorite hobbies.

Follow Lori on Twitter: noble1_lori@twitter or 1nobleappraiser.wordpress.com



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