Appraiser Independence

What some perceive as a broken system, I perceive as purpose. I believe appraisers are united by serving the purpose of independence and the balance it brings to the mortgage marketing and mortgage servicing process. 

Commissioned influences who would like nothing more than our neutrality to go away completely imply that our independence is a negative to the industry and that it keeps us unorganized and ineffective. 

Independence doesn’t make appraising a weak and divided profession, it means we all serve the same purpose. The different levels of appraiser expertise covers a variety of unique services. Regardless of the service provided, independence is the core factor that make us a united profession. 

Through the years, something has clearly been lost in the translation of appraiser independence when in fact, appraisers own their independence with dignity, against the adversity, and as a group of professionals who serve the greater purpose of neutrality.

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